Double diploma – double experience!

Be one step ahead and build a career faster – a unique Business Administration Bachelor Program gives experience, that no one of your competitors on the labour market will have, useful international connections and career prospects. Travel around Europe, get invaluable perspectives of living abroad and “dive” in the language environment immediately.

Double Degree Czech Republic + Germany

2 years in Prague + 1 year in Berlin

Three years needed to get a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. The first two years you will spend in the cultural center of the Czech Republic – Prague, studying at the leading university of CZU, and the last year – in the city of Berlin in IUBH.
Berlin percent of graduates find their first job in first two months after graduation. Graduates of both universities have free access to the labor market in the Czech Republic and Germany.


Why choose education in Germany?

A safe, international and tolerant country – Germany has seen rapid growth in the business sector and the emergence of new jobs in the labor market, which increases the chances of finding a job. In addition, German government provides students of IUBH accredited programs with free access to the labor market – students can be officially employed after graduation.

Successful career

In Germany begins with IUBH

The International University of Applied Sciences is the first German university where all programs are taught in English. In 2014 and 2016, the university twice took the leading places as the “Best Private University of Applied Sciences in the Field of Business Administration in Germany” according to the national rating “CHE University Ranking”, which evaluates the university’s equipment and quality of teaching. Programs of IUBH are accredited by FIBAA.

The main advantages of the program:

  • 90% of graduates receive a promotion during the first three years after taking position in the selected company.

  • More than 80% of graduates gain management experience in the first two years after graduation.

  • Alumni salaries increase by an average of 10% each year after graduating from IUBH.

  • Students are allowed to take part-time jobs in Germany up to 120 days per year.

  • The opportunity to obtain German citizenship after 8 years legal staying in the country.

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1st year of studying from 6 500 EUR
2nd year of studying from 6 500 EUR
3d year of studying from 12 000 EUR

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Double Degree

2 years in the Czech Republic + 1 year in Germany

The demands of modern employers have changed – IUBH is one of the first universities to catch this trend and completely tailor the curriculum to potential employers. Take a step into your successful future! Foreign education allows you to combine knowledge and practice with the experience of daily foreign language practice and leadership skills development. The task of IUBH is provide labour market with the high-skilled specialists.


The main advantages of the program:

  • The quality of education. Comfortable conditions for study, motivation to work and develop your professional skills.

  • Immersion in the language environment. Daily with native speakers, free orientation in professional terminology and overcoming the language barrier.

  • Expanding the boundaries. Students of CZU and IUBH travel freely around Europe in their free time.

  • Experience. Czech and German governments allow students to have part-time jobs and develop their professional competencies while studying.

  • Bologna education system. More transparent and flexible learning system.


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